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Introduction to Learning from Sustainability Trailblazers

Welcome to fourth module of the Better Business Acceleration Program! Here, you will get the chance to learn from the journeys of some of the world’s leading Sustainability Trailblazers.

Did you know that the future is already here – it’s just that it’s not very evenly distributed…

In this module we will explore six case companies. Why? Because case-based learning, advocated in particular by Harvard Business School, is designed to help you learn from those who have already set out on this journey, reflects on what you would have done in their shoes, and discuss different perspectives and solutions with your peers.

Because the future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed. In fact, learning from those in the frontlines of any trend will help us understand what the future may evolve into. In this case, learning from the sustainability trailblazers will help us understand the evolution of Better Business, and where the very frontline is today. This in turn will help you step up to the challenge - and help you shape your own business and ecosystem going forward.

With this in mind, let us learn from the journeys of those who have today come far on their Better Business journeys.

These are all companies that have in different ways been recognized for their efforts in integrating sustainability, not only into their strategy, but into the very core of their business. Notable is also that they all started their journeys from ‘business-as-usual’. Hence, they were not born sustainable, but for different reasons chose to transform their businesses down the way.  These companies have also been generous in sharing their journey for others to learn from.

In this module you will be able to explore six corporate journeys - those of Patagonia, Interface, Unilever, Ørsted, IKEA and Oatly. Their journeys are told - with text, links and videos - to help you understand, and learn from, their transformation from business as usual to Better Business.

The overweight of B2C companies in this selection is because those companies have simply seen sustainability as a competitive advantage early on, and positioned themselves accordingly. Now, many B2B companies are realizing the potential of the Sustainability Revolution, and looking for answers. The mechanisms of change and transformation are however similar no matter what industry you are in. Hence, I believe you will find interesting and relevant points of reference in these cases, no matter what industry you represent.


>> In this module, I recommend you to deep dive into three companies (please select the ones that feel most relevant and interesting to you). If you have the time to dive a bit deeper, please feel free to explore all six case company journeys. The more cases you run through, the more you will learn. It's as simple as that.

After the case presentations, I will summarize with a few thoughts about the evolution of Better Business. You will also be given the task to reflect on a few questions, and discuss your perspectives with your peers. 

I want you to be aware of these questions already upfront, for you to reflect on them while going through the cases:

1) what made these companies decide to change direction?

2) how are their journeys similar, or different from each other?

3) how can these journeys help you support your own company's transformational journey going forward? 


We have a lot to learn. Let us begin.