Terms and conditions


Future Navigators is an EUIPO registered brand registered by Inquentia Group AB, a Swedish company providing consulting, advisory, training, and executive coaching to business clients.

Your personal information

How, when and why we collect your personal information 

We collect a minimum of information from you. The information is collected from our website when you sign up on/buy any of our products or services online, sign up to our newsletter, download a report, or in direct contact with us. What type of information we collect varies, depending on what we consider relevant to the specific service. Most often your e-mail address, first name, and last name only. If and when payment needs to be processed, we also collect your payment information.

What we use your personal information for

We use the personal information you provide us with for the purpose of administrating your registration, updating you with necessary new information regarding your current courses, services, and products, as well as to be able to deliver our services. The information can also be used for customer insight, and analysis as well as improvement of the website and our services. If you have approved that we can use your information in marketing purposes, by signing up to our newsletter (directly or indirectly through an online course or download), then we will also send you information about new courses and resources, tips, webinar invites and other related information that we think will be beneficial for you. Our newsletter is normally only sent out on a quarterly basis and easy to unsubscribe from.

How long we keep your personal information

We will keep your personal information as long as you are an active customer unless you have requested something differently. If you are no longer an active customer, we will delete your information after four years. We consider you to be an active customer:

- If you are subscribed to our newsletter

- If you have downloaded a PDF or any other content on the website

- If you use or have access to any of our products or services

- If you subscribe to any of our subscription services

Please note that you may have separately subscribed to more than one newsletter over time. 

Withdraw your accept to receive marketing or handle your personal information

You can easily unsubscribe to all newsletters. You can also unsubscribe through your logged-in profile settings or send us a request to no longer receive marketing or information from us. You will still receive a necessary minimum of information related to the courses or services you have purchased.

If you want an extract of the personal information stored in your name, or delete all your personal information, please send us a written request via traditional mail, marked with “Future Navigators – Request to Extract My Personal Information” and ask for an extract. The letter should be signed by the person of the request. Please send the letter to Future Navigators c/o Inquentia Group AB, Nordenskiöldsgatan 11, 211 19 MALMÖ.

Updating your personal information

We want to make sure that your personal information is correct and updated. If any of the Information you have given us change, if you for example change your e-mail address, name, or have new card numbers, please update your personal information on your profile when you are logged in to our services online. You can also send us an e-mail with your new information. Updating your information is ultimately your responsibility and a prerequisite for us to be able to deliver our services.

Third parties

We use an external platform host called Simplero. Their processes meet high standards of security. Your information is safely stored with them. We will not give access to your personal information to any other party. We do under no circumstances sell your information to any third oarty.


In order to keep the personal information that we process safe, we have taken technical and organizational security precautions, including, but not limited to, firewalls and antivirus, to protect and prevent unauthorized access. The data access is restricted. Our data is stored and processed through our third-party platform host Simplero, with which we have signed a data processing agreement. However, due to the nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted to us. Submitting information is done at your own risk. Please notify us immediately of any compromising or unauthorized use of your personal information or account.

Intellectual property rights

The copyright to all by us produced material, such as online courses and other resources, belongs to Future Navigators, Inquentia Group AB and Elisabet Lagerstedt. Copying, recording or sharing this material is not permitted. Copyright for material and content produced by others than us (e.g. available via links) belongs to the respective content creators.

Strictly Personal Licenses

The Subscriptions, Course Licenses, and Personal Login Information you receive from Future Navigators and Simplero are strictly personal. This information is not allowed to be shared or spread. We also urge you to be careful with your personal information such as login and password for your own safety.

Time-Limited Access

All online courses at Future Navigators have time-limited access. This period starts when you purchase the product or online course.

Continuous Development

We reserve ourselves the right to continuously develop and improve our website, products, and services. 

Third-Party Content

Observe that our website, services, and products contain links to other content such as pages, videos, courses, services, and products. We link to other content because we think it has value to you. Despite us linking to other content, we take no responsibility for their terms and processes. The Terms on this site are only applicable here at future-navigators.com. We take no responsibility in regard to you accessing or using Third Party Content.

Online course payment

General information

Unless anything else is stated, all online course fees are in Euro. You are responsible for paying all fees (and taxes) in time through our available payment methods (see “Payment method” below). If your payment fails or is past due, we reserve us the right to collect the amount through all legal means and chose to cancel your license. It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment and contact information is up-to-date.

Purchases of Future Navigators' subscriptions, services, course licenses, and products are binding and not refunded. You pay for availability, meaning you are debited even if you don’t use the service during the period you signed up for.

Cancellations of subscriptions

It is not possible to cancel the current period when the purchase is completed. You can however cancel an upcoming period at any time. The cancellation is then done through your logged-in profile settings, under “Purchases”.

Payment method

Payment is done online with a credit/debit card. 


We always intend to give correct information to the best of our knowledge, with reservations for misspellings and speech errors. Our field of expertise is however not an exact science, and therefore the courses and information we provide are naturally filtered by our perspective and experience. Independent use and application of the material, knowledge, principles etc. from Future Navigators is entirely your responsibility.

Use and sharing of our material

The content on Future Navigators is intended for individual purposes. We take no responsibility if a customer uses or shares the information, insights, downloadable material, or methods from Future Navigators to a third party. If a customer chooses to do so, and as long as the correct intellectual property rights are followed, the responsibility lies entirely with the customer.

If terms are violated, we will contact you as a first action. If the violation continues or we do not hear from you, we reserve the right to revoke all licenses, terminate our relationship with you instantly, and permanently delete your account, whether or not the contract period has expired.

Governing law and jurisdiction

By using the services at Future Navigators, which is located in Malmö, Sweden, you agree that Swedish laws will govern any dispute related to these terms and conditions. You further consent that the jurisdiction is in Malmö, Sweden, and that the legal forum for any such dispute in court is located in Malmö, Sweden.


Current version: 2024-03-13