"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
-Albert Einstein

Our Theory of Change advises our strategy, and guides us in building the relevant capacities and collaborations to co-create Better Business and a Better Future.

Our Theory of Change Future Navigators Dec2021

In summary:

  • The systemic challenge: the industrialization has created unprecedented human prosperity, but has also brought unwanted negative consequences. Most urgent is that planetary boundaries are being reached (e.g. climate change and biodiversity), that the quality of life for coming generations is at stake, and that more of 'business as usual' will worsen the situation. 
  • Our mission: to inspire and support leader in navigating and accelerating the co-creation of Better Business and a Better Future
  • Who we work with: business leaders who aspire to co-create Better Business and a Better Future. 
  • Our ultimate goal: to co-create a Better Future for generations to come.
  • How we do it: inspiring leaders through insight and coaching; learning from the frontlines; generously sharing insights and ideas; and consulting and coaching for strategy, innovation and transformation.
  • Key underlying principles: systems approach, co-creation, and collaboration.
  • Our impact: inspiration and new perspectives through insight and foresight; strategy, innovation and transformation in the direction of Better Business; and Vertical Leadership Development to help leaders elevate their perspectives, expand their impact, and successfully transform their organizations and ecosystems.
  • For the benefit of: the leaders themselves, organizations, business ecosystems, and the world and society. Ultimately for the benefit of future generations, and Mother Earth.