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Our network spans the globe, but our heart belongs to Höllviken by the sea in Skåne, in the very south of Sweden. A beautiful place in the most progressive country on this planet (at least as to the World Values Survey). A country known for its focus on responsible and sustainable business, human rights, gender equality, as well as a trailblazing work-life balance.

Sweden is today not only considered the most progressive country on the globe, but the second most innovative. Sweden also ranks as #1 in the Good Country Index. The idea of the Good Country Index is simple: to measure what each country on this planet contributes to the common good of humanity, and what it takes away, relative to its size. Being #1 in such a ranking simply makes us feels good and shows that even a mosquito is not too small to make a difference (there are only 10 million of us Swedish people on this planet, and we know that we can be somewhat annoying). We are of course not perfect in any sense and still have a lot to learn, especially on the integration side.

Höllviken is by the way located 20 km south of Malmö (Scandinavia's most culturally diverse city) and 40 km southwest of Lund - a lively university town founded more than a 1000 years ago that we simply love. Lund University is ranked as one of the world's top 100 universities, and the #1 choice for international students studying in Sweden. It is also the alma mater of our founder, Elisabet Lagerstedt.

To make it even more interesting, this is an area today called Greater Copenhagen. At least by the Danes (yes, Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark). Truth be told, this part of Sweden used to belong to the Danes till 1658, but has been Swedish ever since - even though we only have a 25 min drive to Copenhagen Airport. Today there is of course the Öresund bridge connecting us - and a somewhat similar language too. Just to make things a bit more complicated, there is a company in Copenhagen that is called Future Navigator (without an "s"). We really like what they do too. But it is not us. Just so that you know.

With 12,000 researchers, 15 science parks and 14 universities and colleges of higher education, being part of Greater Copenhagen isn't so bad either. It actually offers Scandinavia’s most knowledge-intensive research and business environment. It’s also an area where it’s common to ride the bike to work, and where dads take paternity leave. All in combination with world-famous architecture, historic castles, vast fields, beautiful woods, modern Scandinavian design, breath-taking coastal areas and Michelin star winning Nordic cuisine. 

We simply believe that this is a great place to be, especially to inspire the business leaders of the world to build Better Business and a Better Future. Because, as William Gibson said: "The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed."