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Introduction to It Starts With You

Welcome to the sixth and final module of the Better Business Acceleration Program: Realizing that it starts with you.

During this program I have put the spotlight on what is unfolding on our planet and in the wake of the Sustainability Revolution. I have also called your attention to the importance of learning from those already in the frontlines of this transformational development, and highlighted the strategic playing fields in relation to Better Business:

  • The organization itself
  • Its business ecosystem
  • The world and society

I have further suggested that you can expand your circle of influence as a corporate business leader to go beyond that of your organization, out into your business ecosystem, and beyond. With this expanded playing field, you can share your experiences in a wider circle, truly contribute as a leader and leave a legacy worth remembering beyond your own organization.

Now, this most probably takes you far beyond your current comfort zone and out into the more challenging zones of learning and growth.

Therefore, I now add a fourth level to this playing field: YOU, as the potentially impactful business leader that you are, with a responsibility to your stakeholders, and for bringing life to the higher purpose of your organization - today and into the future. Even more so, with an ethical responsibility for the future of your children and the generations to come. And I'm placing you at the very center of this model. That is how important you are!


You as an impactful leader



Your potential impact as a business leader

As business leaders, we can go far beyond demonstrating in the streets. We can actually move capital, minds and action, strategize and cooperate to nudge consumers into making choices that co-create and shape the healthy futures that we want and need for our business, humanity and the generations to come—our own children and grandchildren included.

In this module you will explore your comfort zone, and reflect on why most business leaders still have not seriously moved on these opportunities so far — at least not very far beyond adapting some of their goals and corporate communication to suitable SDG goals or ESG metrics, or the now almost mandatory NetZero ambitions for 2050.

We will also explore your role as a business leader going forward. What are the leadership capacities needed to bring about this important organizational and ecosystem change? What will be required for you to not only navigate well on this journey, but to co-create and shape a better future?

You will also be invited to explore of your own values and beliefs – and how they might hinder and/or support you in reaching your goals and aspirations on the way on this journey.

Let’s go!