Live a higher purpose


A purpose is the reason for why something is done, created, or exists. A higher purpose is something to strive for that is bigger than you and your company. It often includes an important societal issue, where the company takes a stand.

We all want to matter and to make a difference in the world, at work, or in someone else's life. A “higher purpose” is how we find deep meaning and fulfilment in our lives by contributing to someone or something that is bigger than ourselves.

Companies that are driven by a higher purpose align their business with societal well-being, rather than a single minded shareholder-centred approach that focuses on profit maximization and growth.

Increased awareness about global challenges is changing the mindset of leaders. This aids companies in defining a higher purpose.  Acting upon a higher purpose creates value for all stakeholders in a more sustainable way.

Creating, communicating, and bringing a higher purpose to life through pronounced values generates higher commitment and engagement and mobilises people. Who does not want to contribute to a higher purpose? Especially when it creates meaning and matches your own beliefs and values.

The Purpose Power Index shows that the strongest purpose-driven companies and brands act in deliberate ways. They:

  • Get the underlying purpose right and have a purpose that is clear, meaningful, motivating, and differentiating.
  • Operate nobly and responsibly through offering products and services that really makes the world better, while treating employees and the community in an honourable manner.
  • Take a stand on an important societal issue.
  • Act boldly and courageously on their purpose without being afraid of controversy.
  • Speak about their purpose in a genuine and authentic way.

Does your company have a higher purpose? If not, should it have one?


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