Course Summary

Module 5

Understanding The Strategic Playing Fields


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In this module you will learn to grasp the three strategic playing fields and five strategic intents of sustainability trailblazers. You will also benchmark your own business towards the trailblazers, reflect on how to accelerate the transformation of your business and draft your very own action plan.

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Mod 5 Introdcution
Introduction to Understanding the Strategic Playing Fields
The Strategic Playing Fields
Lesson: The strategic playing fields
Lay a solid foundation
Lesson: Lay a solid foundation
Explore and Innovate
Lesson: Explore and innovate
Integrate into the Core
Lesson: Integrate into the core
Upgrade your Business Ecosystem
Lesson: Upgrade your business ecosystem
Collaborate to change the world
Lesson: Collaborate to change the world
Workbook: Benchmark Your Business Against the Trailblazers