Online course: Better Business / Better Future

Learn to Surf the Sustainability Revolution and Transform Your Corporate Business

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This online course is designed to help you surf the waves of the Sustainability Revolution, build a Better Business and a Better Future. Because Better Business is not only urgent, but also a window of immense business opportunity and a potential competitive advantage.

"Like the digital revolution before it, the sustainability revolution promises to change everything"
- World Economic Forum

The course is based on the book Better Business Better Future by Elisabet Lagerstedt (2022), who will be your teacher on this journey.

Elisabet Lagerstedt

Who is this online course for?

The online course Better Business Better Future is designed for corporate leaders, strategist, change makers, and teams aiming to future proof themselves and their businesses by integrating sustainability into the very core.

As an individual this course will provide you with the insights and confidence that you need to move forward. As a team, it will provide you with a shared understanding to take the next steps toward co-creating powerful impact together.

Why is this online course relevant now?

Social and planetary tipping points are being reached, technology development is accelerating and inflection points are imminent in many industries. Yet, far too few companies have chosen to integrate sustainability into the very core. Still, many wicked problems urgently need innovative solutions. Solutions that the world of business is particularly well equipped to address through the ingenuity, creativity, collaboration, and resources that it can so often call forth more effectively and efficiently than other human organizations. Here and now, this requires a move beyond business as usual and a transformation into Better Business.

This online course, and the book, offers a way forward. It helps you understand the Sustainability Revolution, and provides valuable insights into the journeys and strategic choices of sustainability trailblazers such as Patagonia, Interface, Orsted, Unilever, IKEA, and Oatly. Because you are not the first company to discover the potential in doing well by doing good, or as William Gibson said: "The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed."

What is the content of the different modules?

This online course has seven modules and a workbook for further exploration and reflections on the content in relation to your own business. Every module contains short lessons (text and video), a quiz to support your learning, and recommended links for extended learning beyond the course. The forum also provide a powerful way of asking questions, sharing reflections and ideas with other course participants and the teacher.

Module 1: Beyond business as usual

Module 2: The Sustainability Revolution

Module 3: It is Time to Move Beyond Business as Usual

Module 4: Learning from the Frontlines of Better Business

Module 5: The Strategic Playing Fields of Better Business

Module 6: Step Up as a Business Leader to build Better Business and a Better Future

The course also includes an opportunity to benchmark your own company to the sustainability trailblazers to identify gaps and potentials on the way forward.

How does it work?

The course is self paced. It takes an estimated 5 hours to complete, including the workbook, but excluding the links for further learning. During the course you will have access to the Future Navigator's Forum, which you can use to communicate with your teacher, as well as exchanging ideas and thoughts with peers across the world.

You will have access to the online course during 90 days after purchase.

The online course can be followed on your computer, on your smart phone or on your iPad. Parts of it can even be listened to as a podcast for those who prefer that.

You will get access to the online course as soon as your payment is processed. Log in information will be sent in a separate e-mail, normally within only five minutes after confirmation.

If you would like to purchase this course for a larger team, please contact hello@future-navigators to set it up. There, you also have an option to add live online workshops and Q&A sessions to speed up the learning process and make it even more relevant to your company. Remember to tell us about your needs, and we will come back with a tailored proposal.

Better Business Better Future Online Course