Building Better Business is an important key to a thriving future, for your organization, as well as for the generations to come on this planet. The good thing is that there are companies in the frontline of Better Business that you can learn from, such as Patagonia, Interface, Unilever, IKEA, Ørsted and Oatly, as well as wide range of impact start-ups. We have studied and decoded their practices to help you build a Better Business and co-create a better future. Because we will need many more companies to step up to this challenge of our lifetime. 








A Better Business can be described as a for-profit organization that has a long-term perspective and is guided and inspired by a higher purpose that helps the organisation create, deliver and capture value to stakeholders, while minimizing ecological and social costs, engaging its business ecosystem, and even aspiring to change the world. 

Based on our research and experience we can help you learn from the strategies and good practices of corporations already in the frontline of Better Business (like Patagonia, Interface, IKEA, Unilever, Ørsted and Oatly) but also from the entrepreneurial spirit of impact start-ups. 

In short, leading Better Business companies…

… have a long-term view and see business as usual as riskier than exploring new ways forward.

… show an interest in understanding the world around them and see the potential in contributing to the solutions of truly wicked problems.

… take proactive measures to co-create the future.

… proactively play on three systemic levels (their own organization, their business eco-system, and the world and society).

… have been through journeys of evolutionary change sparked by strategic insight, crisis, or even epiphanies – still, they continue to renew themselves over time.

… are guided by a higher purpose, which they have fully integrated into who they are and how they operate. Something that makes them highly attractive to talents.

… set high goals – or even Moonshots – and may even aspire to accomplish what others believe to be impossible.

… systematically work to improve their already solid foundations to further reduce their negative footprint.

… explore regenerative practices and meaningful innovation.

… apply transparent reporting practices and get rewarded by high ESG scores, which in turn attracts investor interest.

… work to challenge and support their industries and business eco-systems to elevate their practices.

… collaborate with others to change the world and society to the better.

Source: Better Business Better Future, by Elisabet Lagerstedt (2021)




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A powerful process for Better Business transformation and for the preparation of your leadership team in leading and living this journey going forward.


Changing directions and getting traction on a new purpose and strategy takes time. We offer advanced facilitation of a one year journey that will kick-start your transformation towards Better Business, supported by executive coaching to ensure your progress going forward. We also help you involve and engage your Board as well as your enlarged management team from the start.


The process in five steps:


1. Setting the scene

After having briefed your board and executive management team about your ambition to explore the potential of Better Business for your organization, we learn from corporations in the frontline of Better Business, and focus on creating a common view on the challenge ahead, and a sense of urgency. You also assign your internal project owner (executive level) and coordinator.


2. Exploration

This phase includes mapping the current state of your business and organization, your business eco-system, and how this relates to the SDGs and the wicked problems of the world. We explore trends and future scenarios, and discuss what future your business aspire to co-create for coming generations. Further, we explore opportunities for business model innovation.


3. Developing your full leadership potential

The journey then moves on to focus on you as a business leader and your executive team to help you utilize more of your potential in facilitating the transformational change that you are preparing for. 


4. Envisioning how to make a difference and building the strategy

In parallel, we start out a facilitated and co-creative process with you and your executive team to help you envision your future Better Business. We co-create a higher purpose, an ambitious vision and Better Business strategy for 2030. We also help you review and align your operating model, and co-create a more operational action plan with goals and targets for the mid and short term to make sure that you get started.


5. Rolling it out  and getting traction

When this is in place, we support you in rolling out your higher purpose, strategy, operating model and action plan to your organization to create involvement and engagement. From the identification of mission critical projects for close executive team follow up, to the strategy cascade across the organization. We also help you safeguard that you have the relevant governance structure in place to follow up on the progress.


During this year, our consultant will (depending on the phase above) dedicate two-three days per week over 42 weeks in the support, facilitation and guidance of you, your internal project leader and your team. The outcome will be fully co-created and owned by you and your team (and not just something a high-level consultancy has brought in). This makes it an especially powerful process for Better Business transformation and for the preparation of your leadership team in leading and living this journey going forward.


This process is facilitated and supported online via Zoom or Teams in English or Swedish. Note that we operate on Central European Time. Contact us for more information.