To go where few have been requires creativity, curiosity and new perspectives. We help open-minded and forward-looking leaders facilitate a collaborative and co-creative journey of exploration, envisioning, strategy, innovation and transformation together with their leadership teams. 


Embrace change, elevate your perspective, and step up to your full potential as a leader.

Explore the outset situation as well as the long-term trend, and the future unfolding in your eco-system.

Envision the future that you want and how you want to make a difference in the world.

Explore options and barriers towards your envisioned future and co-create your strategy in three horizons. 

Co-create the impact business models that could become your future bets. 

Collaborate to implement your strategy, align your operating model and transform your business. 

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In a VUCA world, what took your organization to where you are at is most probably not what will take your organization into the future. You will simply need to adapt and renew to stay attractive and relevant going forward. So where will you play, and how will you win? We help facilitate a journey in three distinctive steps, where your team co-creates your strategy - from insight to plan - and involve relevant stakeholders from the start. 





We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies to identify and develop their value propositions and business models. And we can help you explore and co-create impact business models that could potentially evolve into your future bets. Contact us for more information.


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We help you explore and navigate business unusual, and move beyond it. Our strength is to provide new perspectives, fresh insights and frontline practices, while facilitating a co-creative client journey of exploration, envisioning, strategy, innovation, testing and transformation. A journey designed to engage and involve relevant stakeholders from the start. 



Our Co:Lab approach is designed to support Vertical Leadership Development. It is also inspired and supported by recognized approaches for trend mapping and scenarios building, strategic thinking, business model innovation, agile and design thinking, systems thinking, TheoryU, adult development theory, teal organizations, and methods for purpose-led transformations. All combined with a strong belief in human potential and development.

How we do it?

    • We start by understanding your situation, asking a million questions about your underlying aspirations, and then frame the scope and goals of the specific project. We then return with a suggested approach to address your project challenge. Projects with high levels of uncertainty include agile elements and may be run in sprints and decision points with a pre-defined sponsor team along the way.

    • When addressing a challenge, we most often go from the outside-in and future-back. We can for example help your team conduct trend mapping, future scenarios and market analysis, or hands-on field exploration and exploratory interviews with relevant stakeholders along a customer journey. 

    • We can work with one or several teams to approach your challenge at hand. Each team will however need to be carefully and strategically selected in a close dialogue with us to safeguard the diversity and difference of perspectives that you will need to go beyond business as usual. Also, you will need to take geographic time differences into consideration. We normally operate on CET.

    • The future co-creation process builds creativity as well as involvement and ownership in the engaged teams. This is further enforced if they know they have been strategically selected to approach a certain challenge, and that they at the end of the process will be presenting their ideas and solutions to a top level team.

    • Depending on the challenge, your teams may include both internal and external stakeholders. We actually often facilitate the involvement and engagement of customers, external specialists, students or professors - especially at times when a project team is in need of new perspectives and inspiration.

    • We use modern methods, tools, visualization and break out sessions to help participants engage, collaborate and bring their best selves to the game.

    • We work closely with you as a leader throughout the project, and may suggest adaptions to the initial project plan based on the outcome at different milestones. We can also provide executive coaching to support you and your team in the process and beyond.

    • At the end of each project the engaged teams present their ideas and solutions to a selected group of senior leaders, or even the top team for maximum impact. If it is your leadership team that has been on this journey, you might even choose to present your findings to the board - or why not a junior team of high potentials that see things completely differently than you do. Everything to challenge you and your team to go beyond business as usual.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help!